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Computer Repair & Maintenance

If your computer or laptop is running slow, or worse, not running at all, our Computer Repair and Maintenance technicians can help you diagnose and troubleshoot the most common issues. Over time, computers also slow down due to bloat from unnecessary files, old programs, and general degradation. Our team can help minimize the impact of these concerns, keeping your machine running great for as long as possible. Avoid the headaches that come along with underperforming computers by taking advantage of our Repair and Maintenance services.

Malware Detection, Removal, and Prevention

One of the most common issues facing modern computers is an infection of some type of spyware, adware, or other malware. These malicious programs take hold of a user’s machine, destroying performance as well as carrying out whatever nefarious task its designer intended. When your computer becomes afflicted by this type of software, you lose the speed and power you have become accustomed to. Some types of malware can permanently damage hardware, rendering discrete components useless and requiring expensive repairs. Avoid the pain and heartache associated with malware by taking advantage of our maintenance services.Our Repair and Maintenance technicians are experts at detecting, removing, and preventing further infections from malware. Once we have established the software causing issues, we will use proven techniques to completely remove the issue and ensure that it doesn’t come back. We will also educate users on best practices to avoid getting their computer infected at all and provide them with recommendations for anti-virus programs. Our approach will leave you with a machine that stays clean, providing you with the computer power and speed you need to get things done.

Refresh & Restore

As a computer gets old, it generally starts to slow down as more of the drives have been used and fragmented, temporary files don’t get deleted, and things like driver and registry compatibility issues arise. Our Repair and Maintenance technicians are specially trained to spot and neutralize these issues, breathing life into a machine that otherwise felt as though it was dying. You will see noticeable gains in performance with our Refresh and Restore program, often to levels near factory condition.Our specialists can investigate issues such as bloatware, incompatibilities, and derelict files to restore some or most of the performance that have been lost. They can also run maintenance on spinning disk drives, defragmenting them to increase overall efficiency. Memory tests can ensure that your RAM is in working order, allowing programs fast access to the memory they need to function well. Another more extreme option is to restore the system to factory defaults and then tweak from there. If this is necessary, our technicians will work to ensure that none of your data is lost in the process.

General Maintenance

People want to make sure that their car or bicycle is in great working order before they begin to rely on it, so why should your computer be any different? Our General Maintenance program ensures that your PC is always running top-notch, providing you with stability and speed that you can depend on when you need it most. After investing in repairs and restoration, you want to make sure that investment is protected. Our General Maintenance program will keep your machine running great.Once our specialists have developed your personalised maintenance program, they will educate you on best practices and methods you can use to further extend the lifetime of your machine. They work to ensure that all your hardware is functioning at peak performance, highlighting and extending the capabilities of your workstation.Keeping your machine running smooth and hassle-free is easy with our General Maintenance programs.