Why you need a Website in Business?

We don’t see many businesses that don’t have a website to show their products and services.  Years ago, we would flick through the Yellow Pages or the Local Thompson Business Directory and sadly, this form of marketing and advertising is long-gone as times have progressed into a new, digital age.

Testimonials and the word-of-mouth method of advertising is thankfully still vital when running a business.  However, if you want to gain more customers, you need to have a business website, which displays your services and provides buyers with relevant information about your company.  The power of the internet has literally wiped out old methods of finding the right business and everybody’s go-to information finder is Google.  It’s so quick now to simply type in the service you’re looking for and the internet displays many options.  A good website will be noticeable and ranked high on search engines, providing they have chosen a reputable web developer and copywriter.

By investing in a company website, your customers are able to navigate each page to see what you have to offer and we suggest that your website has contact details, a contact form or chat options so you can keep in touch with new leads easily. You can keep customers up to date with a company news page or inform them when you have a sale or special offer on.  If you sell a wide range of products, then an e-commerce website is perfect to sell items online – a website can include payment options too.

If you don’t yet have a business website and are thinking about investing in one, then throw out the old business directories and contact us now.

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