Laptop Versus Desktop

When purchasing a laptop or desktop computer it can be a difficult decision because there are so many factors to consider, such as space, finances, and suitability for what you intend to use it for.

Years ago, the desktop computer dominated homes and offices worldwide but with technological advancement and the ability to downsize tech products, the laptop has become a huge contender.  A desktop can take up a lot of space because you will need room for a tower, monitor and screen – you will also need space for a computer desk and chair.  A laptop or notebook is lightweight, portable, easy to work on the go and minimal space required.

A desktop is ideal for storing more information, files, and word processing.  Another bonus is that it doesn’t run off a battery and if you’re on the road with a laptop, you may struggle to find an electrical outlet to plug it in. Check out our other blog on the top five laptops recommended by Henry.

Believe it or not, the desktop is less expensive than most laptops and you can add more hardware if needed.  A laptop still possesses a lot of RAM, but the desktop has higher specifications and room for numerous files and programs – it really does depend on what your reasons for purchasing are.

Here’s something to note: As nobody likes the idea of having their items stolen, a laptop is much easier to tempt theft than someone trying to unplug the numerous wires and components that come with a desktop. Not something we like to think about, but it does happen.

Final thoughts:  Read reviews from reputable companies and computer dealers.  If you’re going to invest in desktop or laptop then you need to be sure you’re spending your money on the right equipment that suits your purpose.

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